Trade Publications Helping Forests To Keep Growing

A premier online source of information is available and accessible to all stakeholders in the wood harvesting and processing industries. Through the use of online mill work trade publications millers, processors, lumberjacks, carpenters and all artisans and tradesmen are collectively helping to sustain the life of one of the world’s most precious resources; forests. Resultantly, in the USA alone there are now more trees in that country than there were seventy years ago.

mill work trade publications

Four million trees, at the time of writing this article, was being planted in the United States every day. And approximately a third of the country is forested. Annual growth exceeds harvesting seasons and loss mainly caused by disease and insect infestations. And these are just the commercially managed forests. As a result of carefully managed programs and sustainability initiatives, worldwide supply of specialized wood products derived from forests is endless.

The abovementioned online trading platform provides all stakeholders, from suppliers to buyers of forest products, with its meeting ground. It is here that they can collate information to help them facilitate progressive business relationships. The trade paper is not confined to US territories. Import to expert wood purchasing news is provided to hand. The online trade paper is a collective of ten wood trade publications being distributed to specialized markets across the world.

Specialist publications deal with hardwood in the main. The online site also provides stakeholders with a buyers’ guide on wood components and dimensions. Oh, and there is a series of publications dealing with the softwood markets. These cover marketing opportunities, international markets and guidance on importing wood products. No-one with a need for wood in their daily business is ever left none the wiser as the saying goes.

These are the publications that are helping forests to keep on growing.